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2012 new design short sexy wedding dresses Intoxicated with the sweet fruit

Posted By on July 31, 2012

2012 new design short sexy wedding dresses Intoxicated with the sweet fruit

Picture taken before have done many lessons, seen countless films, and countless photography stick son, then sure that’s moulin rouge, like the concise but do not lose the style of the atmosphere

Love my makeup girl mm, her modelling really have no say, five modelling to I different surprise, the photographer is also very handsome ha ha, it’s professional ah, on the ground all used the marketer, do not waste time, high success rate, high efficiency, and besides small fat, thank you for we take off the screen ha ~

Look at a day of the results, excited, more than I expected

High price drop ~ ~

My sister is in the moulin rouge as wedding gown, feel the photos are really beautiful!

The happy feeling took it!!! Also the most beautiful side I reflected ~


A few days ago my photo taken in moulin rouge, took four groups clothing, each feels different, makeup girl also very much, I turn of beautiful, especially like sootiness makeup, ha ha, the friends all say I became change young woman ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ good effect

Meet moulin rouge is fate, in their prefers playing SLR, the unit has a few enthusiasts often gather in study with photography, this year to marriage, the wife badgered clap a wedding dress, think about feel tired, but the matter or listen to her, the wife every day search the web for photography organization, also field has been to several studio, each time denied, the wife say I are too critical, Monday to work a few colleagues together in the photos, words they said this shoot heard the true good, the light, the emotional catch it, I think they weekend and intuition to field trips, gather together up to see just know, original is a colleague had just made the photography, a photography player said to me, you go directly to that take it, take much good, carefully read after photos, really good, better than I could see several much better, directly to the inn name and telephone number, night back to the wife see, she also like and the next day he went to the moulin rouge, studio whole environment very clean is very concise, upstairs and downstair space also is very big, the reception of customer service is very careful answer some of the questions I, communication is smooth, the wife like their marriage gauze, has hundreds of pieces, I like the feeling of suburb, choose the lukewarm yu river. The first two day get photos, the wife was ecstatic ah, ha ha, straight quart I didn’t white play SLR, integral feeling is very good, very satisfied

The most cutting-edge fashion wedding dress bag

Posted By on July 31, 2012

The most cutting-edge fashion wedding dress bag

Students in moulin rouge clap, see the film is good. After the web site to the husband, the husband after their “British fan” and “the new marriage age”. To the store feel very warm, is a double entry of commercial buildings, the space is very big still. Clothes a lot. Photo taken in October, photo album has taken, speed is fast. After the refinement to the classmate see, feel very good, again ask which clap, ha ha, a little proud.

Comment on the moulin rouge service: taking pictures that car, was half an hour late. But photography and makeup they have been waiting for us. Don’t complain. We do feel very embarrassed. See the late design digital division is a lovely MM

XiuPian and design are all well and good, digital division MM also specially and I say, have special to fix the certain to say. Feel very responsible. Fat thin I keep natural as far as possible. This is the meaning of the husband. The hero seems well, ha ha ~ ~ ~

Very high ratio of a studio. Is recommended a businessman, should right of.

2012 custom made wedding dress Demonstrated extraordinary qualities

Posted By on July 31, 2012

2012 custom made wedding dress Demonstrated extraordinary qualities

I am to moulin rouge bride show activity. Sign up for the time or is faster. Today the office free time. Comments on the way. Ha ha, rare at leisure of one day ah, the weather is cold, do not affect the mood, ha ha, evening to see “let bullets fly”, the mood is good ~ ~ ~

Sanhuan road plugging, the car stuck, but not influence the good mood today.

Second, to

Talk about the pattern of the studio!!!!! Layer is to make up, wedding, and the photography studio.

Layer is a PS room, hall. The photo beautiful clothes, see of I be dazzling.

Three, choose clothes

First of all, makeup girl MM nana, take me to the second floor select gown. Nana put the marriage gauze simple classification, all become no longer trouble complex, recommend a set of fish, I expected in abroad, I figure has not been very confident to it. But out of the effect is really very good, I think this is the professional it.


Four, make up

Transparent makeup is I want to, and he really good. Go don’t want to discharge makeup. Hey hey

Five. Shooting

The photographer shot out elder brother, to the emotional super good, for I am not taking pictures of customers, it is the happy a thing, have heard before JMS said photographer like training people, ha ha, thanks to all the way out elder brother

My praise! Ok, thank you!

Six, it’s all over

The photos to friends and colleagues a look, all like. I like it very much, mother also like. In this recommend.

What a pleasant big, was happy, everyone is very good, thank moulin rouge this brings to me good and happy memories.

Low-key luxury greek wedding dresses Let you become the Greek goddess

Posted By on July 31, 2012

Low-key luxury greek wedding dresses Let you become the Greek goddess

Date for the wedding is tight, from choose studio to take only one piece and a half months, and the weather is not yet complete, warm, the mind all have no, big public comment on the carpet searched a ha, decided to choose moulin rouge and another workshop, which work in the former professional and patience in the interpretation of the forgotten by me, a bit sorry


Many of my friends have also seen before the photography, total feel also is those routines, but this is to let a person shine at the creative and conception, low-key contracted more reveal temperament and costly


The photographer brother out more than shooting technology professional, humor is excellent, just see he thought that this man was lovely to have an affinity, afterwards just know this is moulin rouge senior photographer, ha ha,

Makeup girl yangyang (if write wrong please forgive me) that a cold, but has been so patient close, tired all day really work hard she, give her up the nickname “beautiful ocean”)

O besides right, running back into it and move flash skirts, for pat vision couldn’t hear the photographer requirements, when he became between us the phone, ha ha


In short filming for the day would really enjoy, without any previous worry of problem, though very tired, the mood is very good


Choose photos, customer service and digital division (probably the way not too professional, ha) are also very nice, the process we all in urgent the queue, feel the moulin rouge take to support, we are assured


You can see the end of the final version, and can’t wait

Most creative dresses store Hot sell in many countries

Posted By on July 31, 2012

Most creative dresses store Hot sell in many countries 

First of all, thank ShangLi customer service, thanks to big beauty timely help I arranged for the sessions. On a business trip of husband have already been determined to leave with me the picture taken back, thanks to the leadership is opened allow him back the feast, thanks to my dear ShangLi help we arrange sessions, or don’t know what time the delay la…

Then thank hard photography of normal university (don’t know if this two word), super is responsible earnestly, every take a careful look, even my expression is too false, he will be out to clap, really make people super trust… Also super humor… XuanXuan makeup girl, the young girl crafts and people are very NICE, and hard assistant small wei (didn’t call right)… Thank you ~

The whole process super happy ha ha the husband has been kua I choose well not only took photography is super happy? ~

To comment too late, because have been too busy, PP with our received after all kinds of praise

2012 Most Fashion dresses designers design of your love

Posted By on July 31, 2012

2012 Most Fashion dresses designers  design of your love

I am this year in April to red mill, was the office colleagues, recommended said his family photo! See photos of my colleague marriage gauze really good went. Communication and customer service after some theracket MM for details of what, customer service to I understand some MM like shooting style, remind me before the shooting and photographer communication skills, and in their shooting list contains be fond of note, this let me to take the result relieved many.

The day before taking pictures from service personnel phone, reminded us of the second day of preparation, sleep early sleep, less water, so that the next day eyes and face dropsy. Man to shave and so on, to I feel very warm.

The next morning I and husband gets up early, drove directly arrived in moulin rouge. The studios have seen makeup girl MM stood there waiting for us, but thought that we come too early, have never thought they come earlier. The makeup face of good, is the edge of the communication makeup, quite satisfied. And they have a lot of home clothing, is very clean.

The photographer is very humor, made my husband and I have been on music, also didn’t imagine tired, take around 8 PM work smoothly. Ready to please the photographer them to dinner, thank them for a day of service, but the night they went back to the meeting, the chance of later!

Very glad to the photography selection in moulin rouge, was really a happy memories.

2012 newly design indian wedding dresses Indian style

Posted By on July 31, 2012

2012 newly design indian wedding dresses Indian style

Have always liked moulin rouge of movies, and very elegant, a Korean feeling! Compare a lot of studio of movies, and at first glance feel good, then see didn’t feel very be able to bear or endure the feeling, not their home movies like connotation, ha ha, can I learn to paint of, maybe because of composition, the emotional something more demanding, colourful isn’t for me!

At the first glance like the moulin rouge home paintings photography, see a video, is travel TV interview them studio, determined to go after it!!!!

Moulin rouge studio very clean, clothing in the 2 floor, Korean imaging canopy, to take the result is good, inside air conditioning feel very comfortable! Ha ha, the husband has been said the cool!

Shooting to take very well piece, photography, makeup, and later a relatively balanced each tache, especially small fat MM of late the very good, patience and dye-in-the-wood, praise once!

From my personal experience to our office colleagues, price and quality from, this time I won the first! Ha ha, film to take back, a new office of MM will go to the book! Good photographs will speak! Thanks to the efforts of the moulin rouge all studio! Thank you will become more powerful!

Good Quality inexpensive wedding dresses Public brand

Posted By on July 31, 2012

Good Quality inexpensive wedding dresses Public brand

And I am in moulin rouge shot the photography, husband evening from tongzhou drive to scheduled, reception is XiaoYao, very warm a! The last time and friends to pass by moulin rouge also specially to see, now than before the store a!!!! See their growth, heartfelt happy with them!

Remember we when taking is march, May 1 get married, time special try so hard! The weather is good, when selection in chaoyang park shooting, took a FengGuan XiaPei, ha ha, very old! Estimates that there are now married MM will not go to take!

Then it is a choice piece of do photo album, everything is going well, photographer technology need not say much, and now look at me three years ago and photography, or feel very good!

But now the photography is changing so quickly, see moulin rouge now of the Korean and oil painting or very soon! Want to really want to shoot a oh!

new style black wedding dresses out of the ordinary

Posted By on July 31, 2012

new style black wedding dresses out of the ordinary

Before marriage, went to the countless home wedding photography shop, not let me too expensive, just think shot the bad, have been set for photography. And I want to take the location of the sunflower.

Very accidental in online stumbles across moulin rouge, see the website work-in-progress, like sunflower seeds and the location of chaoyang park, shot the very real and pure and fresh, nature.

Wanted to go to his house to see print, results, and set his house. My husband and I and all feel we are left in a hurry? Think about it when before marriage it home. In August, the hot sun to shoot the sunflowers, my husband and I are won’t take pictures of a movement people, tired of sweat. The photographers and makeup girl but than we do serious, responsible, from eight a.m. until 8 o ‘clock in the evening, the photographers really will make us laugh, teach us a movement. The day evening we took 200 photographs kao went back, feeling makeup technology is very natural, shot the glass is very good, do not need too much change. We were not very hopeful photos, only to be as so good, so happy.

Choose a time of fee, each to want. Sales director is not certain trendency recommend, let us add money choose more piece, it does make me by surprise. And he was always help us one out, choose to keep the best but the style different photos.

This cooperation quite pleasant, no follow-up costs also makes me very happy.

More unexpected is, over the past two years, my good friends are married, see my photography, unexpectedly straight to their house to make films. I’m also save a lot of choose friends of the time.

Now after two years when, the wedding dress as were still I make it big animation, on my space, each see friends, to leave me’t one or two of the language of praise.

How To Buy The Best second wedding dresses

Posted By on July 31, 2012

How To Buy The Best  second wedding dresses

Choice is to introduce the, because all the students to the best age to get married so picture taken, and I think moulin rouge photography studio style is quite good, the natural, fashion, super like their home movie. Also introduced two friends, everyone took later is satisfied.

Photographer good, it feels good, easy-going and can make you want to feel. Large Korean JingYing tent of it is also good, very beautiful, very Korean! I also like their home service concept, make customer satisfaction through, without any later consumption, need not worry not photograph of herself. The most satisfactory or they don’t have to travel home tickets and bear and worry about, the makeup and costume is very good also, super good! Makeup girl technology is very good! Anaphase revising process communication is also very good!

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