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2014 Fashion Forward Long Sleeve Appliqued Court Train Connection Wedding Dress

Posted By on May 3, 2014

2014 Fashion Forward Long Sleeve Appliqued Court Train Connection Wedding Dress

Romantic encounters

Every moment is a grand opening, dribs and drabs are wonderful

Love the sea but to witness the birth of the two of you promise

The appearance of happiness fort also but just want to put on gorgeous clothing for you

For ordinary dress, foil out of you is different

The beautiful white yarn, high-end wedding dress rental, the icing on the cake for you

2014 being the most beautiful bride

We will pick out the most suitable for your wedding clothes for you

Perfect is the result of the classic

The details determine the grade

Low-key not costly

Main material: thick satin Organza embroidered lace manual order bead

Taobao, so the most fashionable most beautiful wedding dress

Now buy the most cost-effective!

As long as 100 yuan, can do the most beautiful bride, HOLD full!

Whether it is a thin MM, fat MM, or a pregnant mother, this is the best choice!

If is pregnant mother also does not need to worry about how much their stomachs, the most beautiful pregnant mother the happiest!

If it’s a fat MM also do not need to worry about a prospective bride is not big enough, this paragraph must be suitable for you!

Do the bride is happy, also many MM desire, every girl wants to the most important day in the life are the most beautiful. Mann BeiYa specially designed a beautiful wedding dress, elegant cake skirt, tall waist skirt design, intimate reassurance and fashion.

Chest delicate embroidery lace design, beaded, let the wedding dress more flexible and vivid, showing the noble style. Romantic charming shell type wipes bosom, break the common conventional design, unique use fold, road clear organ play happy movement. Han edition style, unique design of tall waist bring unique pregnant, more safe and comfortable for baby. Waist bud is shattered and extend from the waist down the tassel, different length of curled into buds, scattered in the skirt, just like a split, combined with the skirt is more elegant feeling. Straight type cake skirt, cake layers stacked skirt design, like inverted of morning glory flower petals, waves, romantic, floating sense of rhythm.

Color: champagne, milky white in color

Back style: is there a pull chain, belt type to consider the size, now most make it bind belt, can freely adjust the size. If must be zipper, please contact customer service.

Size: bind (strap adjustable size)

This is a han edition half tall waist style Basically don’t have to consider the waist.

Bind S chest circumference of 80 tops 70 suits under the bust of 75-85 bust waist 65-65. 65-75

Bind M bust 85 tops 75 suits under the bust of 80-90 bust waist 70-70. 70-80

Bind L bust 90 tops 80 suits under the bust of 85-95 bust waist 75-75. 75-85

Bind XL bust 95 tops 85 suits under the bust of 90-100 bust waist 80-80. 80-90

Bind XXL bust 100 tops 90 suits under the bust of 95-105 bust waist 85-85. 85-95

Bind XXXL bust 105 tops 95 suits under the bust of 100-110 bust waist 90-90. 90-100

Bind XXXXL bust 110 tops 100 suits under the bust of 105-115 bust waist 95-95. 95-105

Wedding leave scale space on both sides, can modify ten centimeters


Newest High Luster Applique Sweetheart Elegant Wedding Dress Pictures

Posted By on May 3, 2014

Newest High Luster Applique Sweetheart Elegant Wedding Dress Pictures <view large pictures>

This wedding dress materials and workmanship are single standards; Chest crystal shiny lovely;

A little radian breasts sexy and do not break lovely nifty; The most appropriate sweet bride; Bone three-dimensional lace on the waist car compose full of pearls and crystals and diamond; Store retail price is in 1500 yuan of above;

We are committed to creating high-end wedding dress rental shops, boutiques, so the price on the minimum rent 】 【 freezing point; Only beautiful in your wedding that looking back for an instant smile; Can be amazing intoxicated by dumping and all the guests; Think of happy smile

Wedding dress materials; A layer of imported strengthen RuanWang layer elastic super soft 】 【 superdense sequins net more oh shiny 】 【 skirt; White gauze layer 3 us close a layer of thick satin smooth fluffy luxuriant 】 【 backstops plus 2 layer skirt shape natural thick 】 【 built-in boneless peng skirt 【 don’t loose skirt also natural fleeciness oh; general wedding dress won’t add boneless peng skirt oh 】 a total of 8 layers so fluffy material;

This dress is handmade from the waist up bright drill; Are the best on the market bright drill; Absolutely very flash; Never is adhesive stickers

This gown is outside the list of production process; Is from the waist up 12 fishbone and layer offset production; Version to perfect has more forceful and body a break; Department of European zone itself is very tight oh; Absolutely not add antiskid buckle is a sense of security

Wedding dress size: the back strap design, make the wedding dress like a second skin, perfect foil a your lithe and graceful body appearance. Suitable for any body slim or plump.

Price for rental prices, not the price. Otherwise supporting the bustle, yarn, gloves, bridal accessories such as free collocation.

At present, the perfect wedding clothes princess wedding dress rental, ningbo city. Welcome to come to try on


2014 Style Luxurious Crystals Mermaid Wedding Dress & Expensive Bridal Wedding Dress

Posted By on May 3, 2014

2014 Style Luxurious Crystals Mermaid Wedding Dress

Dignified atmosphere lace shoulder bag shoulder a word, 14 fishbone shape to finalize the design, 9 layer skirt perfect princess bitter fleabane bitter fleabane skirt, 36 hours of pure manual set auger, luxury quality feats! A comfortable and healthy absolutely perfect wedding clothes! Quality is good, wear in the body is comfortable, every detail into exquisite and delicate quality! Skirt outer made, strengthen anti-wrinkle pearl yarn than ordinary RuanWang cost doubled, upper body with high-end thick satin, thick and smooth handle, poor imitation model on non-market satin comparable!

Luxurious manual trailing petal dream wedding dress, the tail length 260 cm, 1000 handcrafted petals ornament. Upper level using A drill decoration decoration, send out A bright light. Spain imported RuanWang bright silk, hang down object has a gentle luster, does not stimulate the skin. High quality lining turn light design.

Wedding dress is very beautiful, drill is flashing, girth version also special fit, just like pictures.

Ceremony on May 18, after the transfer, only in half an hour in the hotel, after the marriage gauze 1200 yuan transfer (pannier), interested parties contact want want: su xiaoxiao 5, validation please write transfer of wedding dresses. Otherwise clothes a gauze of the neat white gauze (L) yards (qianhe. Korean feather flower shoulders with the bride wedding dress neat, wedding dress) and pink long dress a set, is a ceremony on the same day to wear for a while. Interested parties contact want want: su xiaoxiao 5, validation please write transfer of wedding dresses.

Each size wedding dress underarm has 3-5 cm shrinkage joint, size does not fit slightly close, they only need to the local tailor shop open shrinkage joint, enlarged or reduced can be oh, very simple, as long as it is the tailor can change!

Mark the price for the number of unit price, not including the model wearing accessories, gloves, bustle, the veil, model on the picture is wearing a bustle rendering, we have wedding dress accessories package (veil gloves pannier) suggestion tie-in to buy together


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