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Have The Fashionable Breath Long Dress For Women Chiffon Sleeveless Evening Dress 2015 Style

Posted By on January 15, 2015

Have The Fashionable Breath Long Dress For Women Chiffon Sleeveless Evening Dress 2015 Style

Tie-in skill

Accessories: choice of pearl, sapphire, emerald, diamond high-quality accessories, also can choose artificial gem.

Shoes: matched the sandals of high with fine loops or modification, and dress fitting for high heels, if toes exposed, have to synchronize with the makeup of the face, hand to decorate.

1 black it’s never out of style

Better, surely, to dress up fashionable piece carry combine the theme of the clothing color and color. If too late to choose style chic dress, buy only get simply cannot again simple style – the black, open collar, sleeveless, simple implicative, never out of style. Again to dot eyeball with delicate details. Delicate embroidered shawls heightening fringed with leather slippers, can behave careless tired old lady style; Rose pink suede handbags and coral necklace, all show the romantic.

Senior evening dress

2 fashion accessories decision

Can’t take the same form every time? It’s need to spend more time on the details. A fancy shawl, shiny necklace, a pair of earrings, a dainty bracelet, is ordinary clothing to dress flattering way. Silk scarves, tire… Is the carrier of the introduction of avant-garde elements, the most can reflect your fashion degree, must be poured, and the pursuit of alternative, do not go with the flow. But remember when wearing, cuts cannot complete all, be sure to refinement. Handbag design must be complete, to match the different occasions.

Three trends vest very useful

Coming off work, the boss suddenly notice you, with him to attend important reception in the evening. Natural can’t go home to change clothes, don’t also took to the streets with a temporarily? A small vest is the best helper. European designer launched daytime, night amphibious luxuriant small vest. The choose and buy a usu, embroidery, the small vest of flash material, wear the coat during the day, doesn’t scenery; To take off at night

Black dress

Set, sexy, showily atmosphere immediately apparent. As for color, want to grab an eye a little optional bright colors such as red, pink, implicative, optional black, grey, promise not to let the boss of your dress.

Four generations of the most flattering

Green Thai long vest, or a cheongsam — seemingly casual, but must be the latest must-haves in the burgeoning party or cocktail party. Pack the heat for a few years, accidentally presents adding fuel to the fire, as long as tie-in decent, a suit of outfit can access various formal occasions. Of course, Chinese costume to wear a taste, also depends on the situation. Containing the most taboo imitate, how to improve the alternative, special, conform to their own temperament, this is the most important.

5 reject all cartoon

Formal occasions is not fancy dress party, is not suitable for playing childish –, it is almost the law. After all, halfback and classic, completely are two different things.

2015 Newest Style Hair And Evening Gowns Dress Collocation Pictures

Posted By on January 15, 2015

2015 Newest Style Hair And Evening Gowns Dress Collocation Pictures

Hair style collocation
Beautiful evening dress little of course not perfect hair style collocation, generally suitable for evening dress style main points high twist, relaxed hair, elegant, air feels fluffy restoring ancient ways, four kinds of legal system
High twist
Noble dish hair system
The hair is plate high, or dish hair, suit a crowd: long hair, hair amount is much, easy to coarse hair. Give a person with a simple, clean sense of nobility.
Clean short hair
Clean short hair
Suit a crowd: distinct short hair, tall man.
Grace is restoring ancient ways
Will heap in a side, long hair bangs to make beautiful hand push corrugated; Or after short hair neatly don’t in the ear, turn around, show the beauty back, tilting face, this is not change the classic picture of Hollywood. Suit a crowd: the length of hair, hair amount more people.
Fluffy is
Long hair can use coarser electric coil diameter rods make hair more air feeling and hierarchy, add feminine temperament, sexy in the hair on the back of the pendulum
Air feels fluffy
Still looms, is about to say is beautiful. If it is fleeciness feeling short hair, can also to overall modelling of age, make spirit, capable of feeling. Any hair or hair can be so, also be more time-saving.
Suit a crowd: all kinds of hair, hair amount is suitable.

2015 Design Different Occasions Style Pleated Chiffon Evening Gowns Dress

Posted By on January 15, 2015

2015 Design Different Occasions Style Pleated Chiffon Evening Gowns Dress

The concert
Wearing a silk dress, and will not be able to wear cotton clothes bunt. In addition to the consideration on the artistic atmosphere, there is another reason: silk fiber reflection of music is most reasonable, can let the music effect is more elegant and polished.
Friends wedding
Evening dress
For unmarried people, to friends wedding is a golden opportunity to meet someone the same age. Suit to work on this occasion is too rigid, cannot reflect the unique aspect of your personality. Wear evening dress can make you become the most popular with the day.
Evening dress
The reception of all sizes, if not marked can wear casual clothes to, be sure to wear evening dress to show your attention. If know in advance, of course, the theme of the party is not grand, is just a “聚谈 party”, don’t like a Hollywood star. Long to the knee dress, perhaps more can reflect your frankness and young.
Western restaurant
Paris fashion evening dress
On this occasion, the wine and the atmosphere is more than the number of dishes can give a person leave unforgettable impression. In a friendly hobnob atmosphere, elegant evening dress will become the atmosphere and agent.
A formal dinner
Wear dress party is respect and thank to the host. Munch, once put on high-grade dress, for case were hoarse, who had been drunk vomiting-inducing toasts and will be greatly reduced. Have to wear evening dress, make the person heart a behavior of the bottom line.

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