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Sexy Flowing Chiffon Beach Wedding Dress Vintage Boho Cheap Wedding Dress

Posted By on March 4, 2016

Chiffon Beach Wedding Dress

Chiffon Beach Wedding Dress

Vintage Boho Cheap Wedding Dress

Vintage Boho Cheap Wedding Dress

Veils fancies, twinkle star elves. Bright drill the waist BianZhui, steam eye, make light of luxury romantic princess temperament. The minimalist design that wipe a bosom, with a hint of low-key luxury. Dream trailing skirt as if from within the castle of the princess. 18 fishbone shape, perfect chest waist, natural drape, loose comfortable, elegant, MengXian Simon Simon!

Newest High Luster Applique Sweetheart Elegant Wedding Dress Pictures

Posted By on May 3, 2014

Newest High Luster Applique Sweetheart Elegant Wedding Dress Pictures <view large pictures>

This wedding dress materials and workmanship are single standards; Chest crystal shiny lovely;

A little radian breasts sexy and do not break lovely nifty; The most appropriate sweet bride; Bone three-dimensional lace on the waist car compose full of pearls and crystals and diamond; Store retail price is in 1500 yuan of above;

We are committed to creating high-end wedding dress rental shops, boutiques, so the price on the minimum rent 】 【 freezing point; Only beautiful in your wedding that looking back for an instant smile; Can be amazing intoxicated by dumping and all the guests; Think of happy smile

Wedding dress materials; A layer of imported strengthen RuanWang layer elastic super soft 】 【 superdense sequins net more oh shiny 】 【 skirt; White gauze layer 3 us close a layer of thick satin smooth fluffy luxuriant 】 【 backstops plus 2 layer skirt shape natural thick 】 【 built-in boneless peng skirt 【 don’t loose skirt also natural fleeciness oh; general wedding dress won’t add boneless peng skirt oh 】 a total of 8 layers so fluffy material;

This dress is handmade from the waist up bright drill; Are the best on the market bright drill; Absolutely very flash; Never is adhesive stickers

This gown is outside the list of production process; Is from the waist up 12 fishbone and layer offset production; Version to perfect has more forceful and body a break; Department of European zone itself is very tight oh; Absolutely not add antiskid buckle is a sense of security

Wedding dress size: the back strap design, make the wedding dress like a second skin, perfect foil a your lithe and graceful body appearance. Suitable for any body slim or plump.

Price for rental prices, not the price. Otherwise supporting the bustle, yarn, gloves, bridal accessories such as free collocation.

At present, the perfect wedding clothes princess wedding dress rental, ningbo city. Welcome to come to try on


2013 Style Full Of Charm Cheap Wedding Dresses Online

Posted By on September 12, 2012

2013 Style Full Of Charm Cheap Wedding Dresses Online 

Early Summer To Discuss With Her Husband To Shoot The Wedding, Watched Countless Online Photography Studio, Wedding Draws Many Friends, Classmates, Many Photo Agencies, Aug. Visual Style Makes Me Shineshaha, In Full Compliance With My Request Well, The Line, Told Her Husband To Act Decisively, To Decide On This Home. Appointment Time Is Photographed On June 3, The Results Of Bad Weather, Cloudy Plus Rain, Lili And Make-Up Artist Pony Teacher Suggested That We Change Time To Shoot The Most Beautiful Effect, Because i Was a Trouble , Have To Think About, Then Shoot The Pictures, But They Treat The Customer With The Meticulous Work Attitude i Was Very Touched To Shoot Necessary To Shoot The Best Results, So Our Itinerary Changed To The 17th, Oh Yeah, The Weather Is Very Good, The Sun, White Clouds, Blue Sky, All In Attendance, Ha Ha Ha ~-Come Thank My Makeup Artist Pony Teacher, Funny Wizard, Adorable, Give Me The Shape That Is Quite Satisfied , Whether It Is Fresh And Clean, Lovely And Lively, Calm Atmosphere, Soft Gentle Unwinding Ordered Me This Bride Is Quite The Place; Secondly, We Owe Photographer Guo Feng Teacher, My Husband And i Shot It, Oh Mother No Law With The United States To Describe The Hot Weather, My Husband And i Have a Little Test Dizzy Feeling, So There Is The Candidate Reaction Of Slow Action Is Not In Place, But We Guo Teachers Have Taken The Trouble To Teach Us, Over And Over Again These Two Only Stupid Ducks, Ha Ha Ha, See The United States Turned To The Two Of Us, The Excitement Without Words, That Is, When We Supposed To Worry About The Selection Of Films From The Camera, Which Are The United States, Which All Want Zaban, To Also We Guo Teacher Physique That Is Quite Rods, Carrying So Much So Heavy Photographic Equipment, Was Able To Eighty Or So My Husband And i Ashamed Ah ~ ~ This Saturday To Go To Beidaihe On Location, Is Excited Pony Teacher Guo Teachers, We Need To Shoot More Photos Of Splendidly ~ ~ ~ Let’s The Reception Lili Sister, Considerable Drops Well, For The Sake Of Customers Expect Thoughtful Carefully

2013 Style Good Quality Cheap Wedding Dresses Under 100

Posted By on September 12, 2012

2013 Style Good Quality Cheap Wedding Dresses Under 100

We Are Shooting On June 14 With The Two Staff a Handsome Photographer Mazen Has a Lovely Makeup Artist Tingting! First, Very Grateful To The Two Of You Attentive Service And Beautifully Professional! From 8:00 Until 11:00 At Night, Such a Long Time Inside The Make-Up Artist Tingting Has Been To Us Before And After Makeup Of Makeup Styling Pose Like! Her Little Girl To Help Us Get! Photographer Mazen Little Brother Maybe Teaching To The Shooting Scene Had Been To Pose Very Patient Shot Out Of Style Is Really Nice And Very Professional! My Wife And i Are Very Fond Of! Your Hospitality, And Your Expertise Are Very Good! Before Shooting Because We Have Seen a Lot Of The Studio, i Feel That You Are a Good Many Than Before, We Have Seen a Lot Of Home! Clothes Decoration Services Professional Is Very Very Strong! i Hope That The Reviews Can Help Friends Who Want To Take Wedding Photos In The Future! Suggest That You Can Go To Their House Really Trusted! ! ! ! ! 5 Praise You! ~ Very Satisfied

2013 Style Wedding Dresses Cheap Add More Classic Beauty

Posted By on September 12, 2012

2013 Style Wedding Dresses Cheap Add More Classic Beauty

Hard Day Today Finally Finished The Wedding. Very Grateful To The Generous Help Of The The Cameraman Strong Brother, And Make-Up Artist Ponies, Making The Whole Process Fun. The General Feeling, This Service Is Really Good Value For Money, Very Happy.
In Short, August Vision Was Quite a Force Of!

2013 Newest Design Cheap Wedding Dress

Posted By on September 12, 2012

2013 Newest Design Cheap Wedding Dress

Heartfelt Thanks To The Photographer Mazen, Make-Up Artist Nana! (Shot Of Handsome Brother, Daughter-In-Law Was Pretty!) Thank You Not Only Have Superb Technical Expertise During The Shoot You Is Hard To Pay, But Also Would Like To Thank a Day, How Did Not Care To Eat It!

Wedding, No One Can Say Their Own Experience, In Addition To Your Professional Shooting Gave Us a Lot Of Patience, Meticulous And Humorous Guide, After The Film Was Finished, So We Are Feeling Very Smooth, Very Satisfied, Left Us With a Brilliant And Who Wish To Commemorate!

Finally, Like This One: Photographic Effect Is Really Great!

2013 Style Top Quality Cheap Wedding Dresses

Posted By on September 12, 2012

2013 Style Top Quality Cheap Wedding Dresses

Makeup Artist Every Shape And My Mind Especially.
Photographer Angle Light Action Is Very Attentive, Very Perfect.
My Husband And i Like To See Samples Have Put It Down!
The Selection Of Films Ready Finishing Expect Our Finishing!
Services, And Our Services Are Very Grateful To The Two Intentions Every Staff!
Our Life Is The Most Important Wedding Shoot Perfectly!
Recommend To Wedding Photography New People!

Good Quality inexpensive wedding dresses Public brand

Posted By on July 31, 2012

Good Quality inexpensive wedding dresses Public brand

And I am in moulin rouge shot the photography, husband evening from tongzhou drive to scheduled, reception is XiaoYao, very warm a! The last time and friends to pass by moulin rouge also specially to see, now than before the store a!!!! See their growth, heartfelt happy with them!

Remember we when taking is march, May 1 get married, time special try so hard! The weather is good, when selection in chaoyang park shooting, took a FengGuan XiaPei, ha ha, very old! Estimates that there are now married MM will not go to take!

Then it is a choice piece of do photo album, everything is going well, photographer technology need not say much, and now look at me three years ago and photography, or feel very good!

But now the photography is changing so quickly, see moulin rouge now of the Korean and oil painting or very soon! Want to really want to shoot a oh!

wedding dresses cheap Suitable for low consumption and the crowd

Posted By on July 30, 2012

wedding dresses cheap Suitable for low consumption and the crowd

I am this year in April to red mill, was the office colleagues, recommended said his family photo! See photos of my colleague marriage gauze really good went. Communication and customer service after some theracket MM for details of what, customer service to I understand some MM like shooting style, remind me before the shooting and photographer communication skills, and in their shooting list contains be fond of note, this let me to take the result relieved many.

The day before taking pictures from service personnel phone, reminded us of the second day of preparation, sleep early sleep, less water, so that the next day eyes and face dropsy. Man to shave and so on, to I feel very warm.

The next morning I and husband gets up early, drove directly arrived in moulin rouge. The studios have seen makeup girl MM stood there waiting for us, but thought that we come too early, have never thought they come earlier. The makeup face of good, is the edge of the communication makeup, quite satisfied. And they have a lot of home clothing, is very clean.

The photographer is very humor, made my husband and I have been on music, also didn’t imagine tired, take around 8 PM work smoothly. Ready to please the photographer them to dinner, thank them for a day of service, but the night they went back to the meeting, the chance of later!

Very glad to the photography selection in moulin rouge, was really a happy memories

2012 moulin rouge Fashionable cheap wedding dress

Posted By on July 30, 2012

2012 moulin rouge  Fashionable cheap wedding dress

Choose moulin rouge is no accident, I first saw in BBS moulin rouge, like their home Korean style! Because the wedding is not worried, so only after a week and husband go to see the field!

Jiao jiao MM customer service reception of us. Speak very tender feeling of a MM, ha ha! Very kind. First we introduced them home for the location of, jiao jiao open after the only recently took a customer to let me see, really good, almost and website consistent. My husband and I and all like, it feels true!

Because of the weather, the husband also don’t want to go that far, chose the location of chaoyang park! Indoor parents special account to choose one of the ancient costume, FengGuan XiaPei to see many sisters in pat drop!

Moulin rouge help we recommend their show and China, and now photos took it back, became a mother’s love! Photographer is dapeng teacher, is very patient, because seldom take pictures, almost not what position. Dapeng teacher was very patient, little guidance, very sweet! In this way the thank you again XiaJie makeup girl, my love! From modelling to makeup face, very hard! Began to worry that a little later what consumption? Now that I think is, make up process didn’t sell anything. Happy!

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