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Low-key luxury greek wedding dresses Let you become the Greek goddess

Posted By on July 31, 2012

Low-key luxury greek wedding dresses Let you become the Greek goddess

Date for the wedding is tight, from choose studio to take only one piece and a half months, and the weather is not yet complete, warm, the mind all have no, big public comment on the carpet searched a ha, decided to choose moulin rouge and another workshop, which work in the former professional and patience in the interpretation of the forgotten by me, a bit sorry


Many of my friends have also seen before the photography, total feel also is those routines, but this is to let a person shine at the creative and conception, low-key contracted more reveal temperament and costly


The photographer brother out more than shooting technology professional, humor is excellent, just see he thought that this man was lovely to have an affinity, afterwards just know this is moulin rouge senior photographer, ha ha,

Makeup girl yangyang (if write wrong please forgive me) that a cold, but has been so patient close, tired all day really work hard she, give her up the nickname “beautiful ocean”)

O besides right, running back into it and move flash skirts, for pat vision couldn’t hear the photographer requirements, when he became between us the phone, ha ha


In short filming for the day would really enjoy, without any previous worry of problem, though very tired, the mood is very good


Choose photos, customer service and digital division (probably the way not too professional, ha) are also very nice, the process we all in urgent the queue, feel the moulin rouge take to support, we are assured


You can see the end of the final version, and can’t wait

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Fashion wedding dresses pictures