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wedding jewelry set pearl necklace and bracelet with earrings

Posted By on December 17, 2013

wedding jewelry set pearl necklace and bracelet with earrings

wedding jewelry set pearl necklace and bracelet with earrings product introduction:

1: We are earrings jewellery manufacturers and wholesalers factory 2: fast delivery 3: approved provider 4.Offer free sample


Glass Pearl Necklace
Net weight
106 G (necklace) 44 G (strap)
high-quality glass beads
(1) Rhodium-2) 18 k Gold 3) titanium
(1) Ordering example: 2 sets of each model
(2) Usual order: more than 120 sets of each model
1pcs/opp 12PCS / biger opp EMAS: 40 * 25 * 25, Layer 7 cartons
Delivery time
(1) Ordering example: 10-15 dyas
(2) Usual order: 20-25 dyas
(1) Sample order: 100% before shipping
(2) Usual order: 30% deposit and balance before shipment
Payment way
T / T, Western Union
We would be free to repair us if the products during the term of the mission destroyed


OEM / ODM order is welcome. Pls feel free to contact us for more information




The bead core which is shell bead a product after the cut, stop the design process and seabed large shell called Tridacna sp. Shell, which alternative name Tridacna sp. five claw shell, the growth rate is unusually slow, with an average annual growth rate of less than 1 cm and the maximum weight of more than 300 kg, body length, time takes hundreds to thousands of years 150 cm, growing, which is very rare from the site.


From the perspective of Gemology, with beautiful Pearl gloss and colour pure white, the shell with iridescence and find texture can be used as a gemstone, and Tridacna sp. Shell products is in all the most beautiful. Its mineral construct based on the aragonite, has a characteristic, such as the Pearl, layered structure, clean and bright by shell can be colorful light under the Sun.
It is also one of the seven treasures of Buddhism (Tridacna, gold, silver, agate, coral, glass and yellow). And coral, amber are rank four organic gems in the West. The pure white is most in the world are viewed with the degree ot Tridacna. After thousands of years growing can stink Tridacna with very large magnetic field energy, will lead the effect of improving the physical and mental harmony of the wearer, enlightening wisdom, and destroy all confused. Since ancient times the second product will help officers in the Qing dynasty court beads, if is to go to court, that made from Tridacna. Buddhism major monk from around the world, which has important Lama monk on the hand of Xizang a Buddha made pearls of the Tridacna. “Compendium of Materia Medica” records has that the Tridacna has the effect, overcoming fears the nerves calm, cold blood and pressure to reduce. When wear for a long time, to the people, with the effect of improved immunity, prevent aging to improve stable heart rate, insomnia, and others. While the Tridacna has high medical value: cooling may blood, reduce blood press, overcoming fears soothes the nerves, especially for swollen neck pain, children with blister. Tridacna can health body. Prolong life and become a magical treasure trove for exorcism as a misfortune to fend off by Lama and Buddhism.
The production of MOP:
Beads are made by artificial breeding, natural pearls is very rare, the value not by money to measure because we see quite a few around the world, the Pearl usually by manual techniques for cultivating made for several years.


Cultured pearls are cultured pearls and are divided into salt water Süßwasserzuchtperleist the breeding difficulties in salt water more than in freshwater, gloss and roundness better than in salt water, so that the more expensive price.


Tridacna sp. is a Pearl for breeding pearls, put the Tridacna sp. After process and form in the shell, you pack it by the secret clam (no Pearl, it, is, if not the view of mother-of-Pearl (MOP) by him) will grow time takes more than 2 years, and lead to secrete not very round shape of pearls because of the nonuniform clam the round Pearl is rare and precious.


Our manufacturing process for shell bead is a high imitation to take product beads Japan eighth production technology using special processing can it with the same effect as salt water product, while its shape are very soft and full, and the weight is the same as the Pearl, gloss, form and color are cultured pearls, and Süßwasserzuchtperlendas more than saltwater cultured pearls – and freshwater cultured pearl, are the cost of cheap dozens to hundreds, even in the situation than the calculation cultivated costs the same level bead shape, standard and quality, can not over
wedding jewelry set pearl necklace and bracelet with earrings company profile:
Founded in 1998, in the famous international commodity city Yiwu, Zhejiang Province, CN, Bunu is a factory specialized in the manufacture of shell beads jewelry for over 10 years and is recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of beaded jewelry in China.
Each of our product is a strict quality control subject to measures, to ensure that only the best quality and design achieved believe the market.we that our customers know that we are for the quality that we offer and are…

TZ002 2013 handmade wedding gold jewelry sets necklace design brands fancy bridal jewelry set

Posted By on December 17, 2013

TZ002 2013 handmade wedding gold jewelry sets necklace design brands fancy bridal jewelry set

TZ002 2013 handmade wedding gold jewelry sets necklace design brands fancy bridal jewelry set product introduction:

1: Fashion jewelry in the world and huge market 2: 7 colors have a total and low price 3: use import Crystal
Necklace using our import Crystal, 100% Handpoliturund top quality, very shine and smooth on the surface.we have our own factory, so have price individual or wholesale, but MOQ is 100pcs.
our necklace can u at 15USD nor bcoz she value for corporate gifts to sell these price.suit or store is popular on the whole there is no doubt that u deserve much, if u wholesale and sell them in ur country. r, we guarantee the items such as the pics.we have delicate gift box, the same beautiful if u need.


Buying Guide:
The jewelry on alibaba only for wholesaler, all products in our shop u can mix items and mix colors wholesale, but MOQ is 100Pcs.if u want only several pieces or buy specimens initially, pls check our aliexpress memory (Internet: http: / / store/211552). We promise wholesale, regardless or our price is to keep the best and cheapest on alibaba, u can not any cheaper provider with the same model, or we can find sent it to u free.
Although cheap, but we r very strictly on quality, we carefully select, for u to make sure that no damage goods ship out.we r to manufacturer, so have price advantage, a few articles still have little profit, suit for this large and long-term buyer, enrich buy 1000usd exceed within a month will b our Gold buyers and the price will not be changed forever for him.
Buy 300pcs or over 1000usd of a time, we offer free shipping via FedEx or DHL, u can order as the following form:


TH N001: 20pcs (gold + 10 blue sea, silver + Sea Blue 10 mm)


TH N002: 50 X (Sea Blue 20pcs 20pcs purple, red 10pcs)


TH N003: 30 X (white 30pcs)
TZ002 2013 handmade wedding gold jewelry sets necklace design brands fancy bridal jewelry set company profile:
Yangzhou Berrett trading co., Ltd is a professional foreign trade companies. Our company is engaged mainly in the holiday gift, necklace jewelry, Christmas gift. We have our own factory and a sound system, the quality of raw material purchasing, processing to control the production, which enables us to produce high quality products at competitive prices. With good quality, excellent service and competitive prices, our products, customers will be praised by our. Now export our products in many…

Wholesale fancy wedding necklace jewellery

Posted By on December 17, 2013

Wholesale fancy wedding necklace jewellery

Wholesale fancy wedding necklace jewellery product introduction:

Necklace jewelry 1.Alloy lead & nickel 2.costume jewelry 3. competitive price 4.MOQ: 10 dozens


Wholesale fancy wedding necklace jewelry
Product details:
Item No.
YHN-1064 G
Main material
Zinc alloy (nickel & lead free)
10 Dozens
Different size available
Example delivery time
Approx. 3-10 working days after confirmation
Mass production time
7-30 Working days after confirmation


1 Bring a piece of brass Halskettein small opp bag, 12pcs Messinghalskettenin large opp bag;
2. Wrapped in protective bubble, packed with extra strong cardboard boxes.
3.Or customer’s desire
Usual by DHL, FedEx, TNT or EMS – express service
Payment term
T / T, Western Union and PayPal,


Logo of the client
Business term
FOB Yiwu, negotiable




1. We are the leading manufacturer of fashion jewelry, over 10 years of experience in this business.


2. A team of designers who are well versed in collections in the styles and trends of high-quality fashion jewelry


3. Eco-friendly material, strict quality control system. All articles can give test such as SGS, TUV.


4. Competitive price and fast delivery


5. Sample shipping free trial & 5-7 days


6. Thousands of items available, 800,000 pieces monthly production capacity


7. OEM and ODM orders available


After service:


We do compensate for you, if the accident through us.


Have any questions, contact us please free!


Choose us, choose fashion! We are incomparable, unique!

Wholesale fancy wedding necklace jewellery company profile:


Since our inception in 2005, PUJIANG Lu hanging jewellery co., Ltd has been quite successful in providing high-quality jewellery to a long list of distinguished clients in the domestic and international markets.


Our products are of good quality. Our mission provide trendy and fashionable products and ideas for our customers and prospective customers and our faith to the sale of goods is excellent quality at highly competitive prices to keep us ahead of our competitors.


Our product…

Aesthetic teach you to wear necklaces Smart dress cute

Posted By on September 24, 2011

Aesthetic teach you to wear necklaces Smart dress cute
Aesthetic Teach You To Wear Necklaces Smart Dress Cute
Aesthetic Teach You, Wear Necklaces. Select Necklace, To Harmony And Equilibrium Are Important To Achieve The Aesthetic Effect Crystal.
Person To Beautify The Face In The Middle Of The Body Group, Which Is An Important Feature Of The Site, And As Such Is Length Thickness For High-Speed A Collar, Necklace Style Number Of The Faces Of The People. Crystal Necklace-Changing Face Neck And Create A Variety Of Effects Of The Options. For Most Women A Short Chain Of To Wide, Thick Neck Face. So, Neck Long Long Face And Which Often Makes Sense To Take This Chain. However, When A Necklace Worth More Attention, Because It Has The Potential, Long Wearing Thin Neck Too Conspicuous To Make. The Ultimate Goal Should It Be, The Face Of The Wearer And Personality Complement, Rather Than The Properties Focus On Crystal Itself.
Neck Necklace Often Of Those Who Did Not Want That To Carry Women In The United States. In Fact, It Reduces The Value Of The Chain, Because He Brings The Attention, People Want Not The Attention. Most Women On The Small Physical Defects Is Also Very Sensitive, And Too Much To Expect, To Eliminate Or Reduce These Areas, As Well As For Crystal Very Little Attention.
Short Said, Give People, Who Wear A Long Neck Face A Number Of Fine Crystal Flower Chain Or A Chain, People A Wider Face And Neck Feels Thick, And A Round Face Or Neck, A Number Of Women Wearing Chunky Long Chain, Or Inside By Monitoring A Number Of Smaller Chain, Or Fall On A “Heart Shaped”, People Feel Oblong Face, The In A Harmonious New Balance. Oval Face, Is Regardless Of Whether Wearing A Necklace, Which Look More Attractive.
Crystal Necklace Known By Women Wearing The Traditional Hobbies, Today Carries The Crystal Necklace Has Become A Fashion And Social Needs. You May For Your Face, Personality And Clothing, To Buy In The Grade A Reasonable Relationship To The Single Crystal Necklace.


Purple Wizard, the the exquisite beauty of this winter necklaces

Posted By on September 24, 2011

Purple Wizard, the the exquisite beauty of this winter necklaces
Purple Wizard, The The Exquisite Beauty Of This Winter Necklaces
Purple Wizard, The Unique Charm Of This Winter Necklaces. Nice Style, The Light Is In Your Gestures Between A Stimulus. How To Make A To Be Limitless Woman? This Woman Is Not Only A Daydream, A Little Romance, A Little Freedom, Qualities, The Place Autumn And Winter With Purple You The Exceptional Content Purple Winter With Its Unique Charm Necklace Quickly Become The New Darling Of Fashionable Women.


Di Lu Bang Smart dress winter diamond necklaces unique luster

Posted By on September 24, 2011

Di Lu Bang Smart dress winter diamond necklaces unique luster
Di Lu Bang Smart Dress Winter Diamond Necklaces Unique Luster
Di Lu Bang Well-Dressed Winter Diamond Earrings. Dingy Winter Takes Always Some Embellishment To It Seems To Be Angry. A Mysterious Black Dress With A Beautiful Bright Winter Fashion Necklace Given Stone-Like Grass Bud Vitality Wear


31 Limited Edition Zhen Han bead necklaces Xiao Bian Recommended

Posted By on September 24, 2011

31 Limited Edition Zhen Han bead necklaces Xiao Bian Recommended
31 Limited Edition Zhen Han Bead Necklaces Xiao Bian Recommended
31 Limited Edition Zhen Han Pearl Necklaces. Known To A Limited Network Of Upstart 20ltd.Com “Washington Post”, Described As “The Darling Of The Design World” Invited, The Most Famous Dutch Designer Marcel Emigrants To Jewelry Design. Marcel Emigrants Was Inspired: The Global Search For 6 Months, 31 Gems From A Hand Like A Bead Of Kindergarten Children. It Costs £ 2.000. Marcel Emigrants These, Inspired By His Daughter And Made A Necklace. It Is Said That A Very Personal Charm Necklace One Is Unique, Because In Every Pearl Has Its Own Story.


2011 Pearl Necklace cute sweet into the heart of the essential MM

Posted By on September 24, 2011

2011 Pearl Necklace cute sweet into the heart of the essential MM
2011 Pearl Necklace Cute Sweet Into The Heart Of The Essential MM
2011 Pearl Necklaces. String Of Pearls Still Your Choice! Pearl Gently Glowing Light Can Bring A Hint Of Warmth, Cold Times The Reckless Killing Of Jin.


Necklace porcelain items live among alternative landscape painting

Posted By on September 24, 2011

Necklace porcelain items live among alternative landscape painting
Necklace Porcelain Items Live Among Alternative Landscape Painting
Under The Alternative Landscape Painting, Porcelain Living Necklace.Live Painting On Porcelain Chain Looks Elegant, Elegant Look, Full Of Creative Design With Jade-Like Beautifully Shiny, With Fine Carved Spruce Micro Is Decorative And Wear On The Choice Thing. Health And Beauty Together In A Living China Necklace, To Carry To The Circulation To Promote Beneficial For Human Health.


2011 Teddy Bear pendant necklaces handmade factory top sell

Posted By on September 24, 2011

2011 Teddy Bear pendant necklaces handmade factory top sell
2011 Teddy Bear Pendant Necklaces Handmade Factory Top Sell
2011 Teddy Bear Pendant Chains Of Hand Made. Teddy Bear Robertbrucebielka By The Architect Pendant, Is Designed Each Exquisite Hand-Made Products, Most Of This Beautiful Bear Made Of Gold, And Has The Flexibility Of The Common Activities.


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